To provide the highest standard of academic and basketball development to female athlete's seeking to ready themselves for post-secondary success.  With an emphasis on academic, athletic, personal and social development and excellence, Niagara Prep will provide the support, environment, and infrastructure to promote this mission.


Niagara Prep has partnered with AN Myer Secondary School and the District School Board of Niagara to provide first-class academic excellence to all Niagara Prep athletes.  Niagara Prep works closely with the administration to ensure all academic requirements are met for both U-Sport (Canada) and NCAA (US) enrollment.  Daily Multi-Subject Instructional Periods (MSIP) is provided to allow Niagara Prep Athletes a built-in study hall daily to ensure academic success.  Personalized athlete support is monitored through Niagara Preps Academic Advisors.


Why Niagara Prep

  • Member of the Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA)
  • Commitment to follow Canada Basketball's - Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model
  • Over 30 years of coaching experience - Level 3 Train to Compete - View Coaching Staff
  • 8 OBA Division 1 Championships, Jr. NBA Canadian Championship, Ontario Summer Games Championships
  • Training Equipment includes: The GUNN, Noah Arc System and Dribble Sticks
  • Individual Player Development Programs (PDP)

Strength & Conditioning

Niagara Prep has partnered with the Brock Sports Performance (BSP) to provide world-class Strength & Conditioning programs for our players.  Overseen by Steve Lidstone and led daily by Taylor Tiessen, Niagara Prep provides each player with the TeamBuildr App for monitoring progression and provide standard printouts for coaches, parents, and players.  Niagara Prep athletes are tested 3 times per year by the BSP staff.

Niagara Prep athletes workout out daily at the AN Myer weight room during school schedules and have full access to the BSP gym on group training weekends, testing days and summer programming.


BSP Facility includes:

  • 4000 Sq ft Facility complete with in-lay flooring, platforms, and turf
  • 8 Elite Half Racks Complete with Male/Female Olympic Weightlifting Bars & Bumper Plates
  • Trap Bars, Powerblocks (5-125 lbs), Dumbbells, Kettlebells
  • 2 Keiser Functional Trainers
  • Prowlers, Sleds, Ropes, TRX
  • Plyo Soft Boxes, Hurdles, Weight Vests
  • Testing Equipment includes, Freelap USA Lasers, Tendo Units
  • Access to Gymnasiums, Indoor Track, Turf Field, Indoor 50M Pool, Local Trails and Hydro Hill!


BSP teamtraining Pic


Proud Member of the OSBA!

Niagara Prep Basketball