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Fatou Diakite

Bio :

Fatou arrives at Niagara Prep from the Ivory Coast in Africa.  Possessing very good perimeter skills for a Forward, she is a dual-threat both inside and out. At 6'3 Fatou will present many mismatch opportunities on the court for Niagara Prep. Her length makes her a very good defender and her ability to rim protect and rotate on defence provide the team will confidence that help is there. Her basketball IQ is very good for a forward and as she continues to work on her strength and conditioning, she will be one of the best players in the OSBA. Once she settles into the North American culture she will be a can't miss 2023 recruit.

General Info

Jersey Number :  8

Height :  6 ' 3"

Position :  Forward

Birthday  :  01 / 13 / 2004

Class of  :  2023

Twitter : N/A

Instagram : _faa_tou_


School  :  AN Myer Secondary

GPA  :  3.6


Team Name  :  Niagara Prep

Coach  :  David Picton


PPG -   |  APG -   |  SPG -   |  TO/G -

FG% -   |  3P% -   |  FT% -

If you're a NCAA or USport Coach please feel free to email 



What is in your gym bag that might surprise people?

  • Candy and Snacks

How do you want your teammates to remember you?

  • I want my teammates to remember me as someone they can always count on, the player who did everything possible for the victory, and a person who makes everyone laugh.

What has basketball taught you that carries over into other areas of your life?

  • Basketball has taught me perseverance, discipline, and above all respect for priorities.

What is your Middle Name?

  • I don't have a middle name.

Game Day Song?

  • No special Game Day song!  I listen to everything.

One word to describe you? One word your parents would use to describe you?


Best School Subject?  Worst School Subject?

  • Best = Math  |  Worst = History / Geography

What would your last meal be?

  • Probably Chicken and French Fries, but I love the tchep of my mom!

If you could have dinner with any three (3) people, who would they be and why?

  • Michael Jordan because I would like to know what his state of mind was to retire than come back to win 3 NBA rings.
  • Lionel Messi because he was the one who made me love football and I would like to know how he handles the pressure of being in all the discussions as to the best ever footballer in the world.
  • Kobe Bryant because I loved how he played and would want to know more about the Mamba Mentality

What is your favorite movie and/or TV Show?

  • Movie = Fast & Furious  |  TV Show = Casa dell Papel


Proud Member of the OSBA!

Niagara Prep Basketball